IATSE Local 195 Endorsement Message

Hello Mindi,

On behalf of our entire organization I wanted to thank you for reaching out to us. And thank you for your continued efforts to serve the state of New Hampshire.

As you address, there is great need to have a person such as yourself in seats such as the executive council. In our state, where so much of the sense of home and value comes from the abundance of relatively untouched nature, having an environmentally conscious and studied individual such as yourself will pay dividends in the long term planning at the state level. There is no need for abstraction to see the connections between environmental factors, public health, and the accelerative effects that private and corporate interests play in the prosperity of a town, district or state. From your work on the Seacoast Cancer Cluster to the current COVID crisis, the responsibility of the Governor’s Office and the Executive Council to ensure the wellbeing of the state’s residents is seemingly at an all time high.

As you are well aware the material connectivity that lies at the heart of environmental studies is as much if not more focused on the sources of phenomena rather than reaction to the effects. As we have seen nationwide, those communities hit hardest by the pandemic are those in lower income levels, with limited access to both preventative resources and healthcare treatment. As a union, we fight to recognize that access to quality education, fair wages, affordable housing, and access to healthcare are not just incentives for our members but something to hold as inalienable rights for all in our communities.

So often these long term investments aimed at addressing the roots of these issues are abandoned in favor of short term responses to the symptoms based only on optics. It is encouraging to see you have in part stood by these values in the bills you have cosponsored. From rejecting anti-organizing funding in Universities, to attempting to establish salary ratio limits for in state businesses, it seems you are as concerned as our organization is with providing the conditions required for a respectable quality of life for New Hampshire residents and beyond.

We hope you will commit to ensuring the Governor’s Office sees the merits in favoring pro-worker initiatives such as those bills championed by Raise Up NH. The Governor’s recent veto of such bills shows a lack of relational understanding between the feedback loop created by a stagnant minimum wage, economic immobility and economic and emotional reinvestment into local communities.

Many employees, including members of our organization who would rather work locally are opting to work out of state or relocate due to disproportionate cost of living increases. Without ignoring the complexity of the matter, stagnant minimum wage lends an upper hand to large corporations, who are able to leverage higher starting salaries than local small businesses, ultimately exceeding the impact of raising wages. Appealing to large companies and the jobs they create is vital, but should be balanced between the preservation of our communities. Your record leads us to believe you might be the right person to help make those arguments heard.

It is with pleasure that we, the Theater and Stage Employees of IATSE Local 195, are happy to endorse you as our candidate for New Hampshire Executive Council. We look forward to seeing the progress to come. Included with this letter are versions of our Union logo should you choose to use them.

In Solidarity,

Steven Kocsis

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