NEWS! Superior Court Rules — Victory for the PEOPLE!


Rep. Renny Cushing of Hampton says “VICTORY for the PEOPLE!”

Today, the Superior Court dissolved 3M’s and Plymouth Water & Sewer’s injunction which blocked implementation of the PFAS drinking water protections. Court documents state, “The preliminary injunction

is dissolved on the date that the new STATUTORILY mandated levels go into effect.” This ruling follows earlier filings where the main plaintiffs, Plymouth Water & Sewer, voluntarily pulled out of the suit earlier this week.

This is a major victory for the citizens of the state of NH. The legislature’s moves to pass HB1264 into law resulted in the toppling of 3M’s case. This is a true victory for the people against the chemical polluters who have held important public health information from the public so they could continue to make billions per year in profits while poisoning our drinking water and air.

Thank you to all legislators and energized advocates who helped make NH history today. It could not have been done without the voice of the people!

Thank you all,

Mindi Messmer

Data-Driven Public Health Leader, Advocate, and Strategist

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