“The Seacoast needs the science background that Mindi will bring to the Executive Council, in deciding state contracts, senior appointments in NH Government, and citizen selections to state agencies, boards, and commissions. The appointments must be willing to protect public health and lead us to a green future. For NH to move forward after the end of the COVID19 pandemic, we need Mindi.” ~Anita Klein, Assoc. Prof. Biological Sciences Emerita

It all has come down to this. So much is on the line starting in less than 48 hours.

On Thursday, Attorney Paul Twomey presented oral arguments on behalf of Rep. Renny Cushing and me, relating to the NH House request for an opinion from the NH Supreme Court on Constitutionality of meeting remotely during the pandemic.

Attorney Twomey says, “If you were to keep the legislature from meeting, you would be turning the Constitution on its head, defeating the purpose and intent of the Constitution.Click here to watch clips from the hearing.

Next year, the Council will be tasked with renewing New Hampshire’s contract with Planned Parenthood. New Hampshire Republicans have done everything they can to block women from getting the health services they need, and we can’t allow them to be in charge of this decision that will impact thousands of Granite State women. To read more, click here.

There are critical issues that people of all political persuasions — Republicans, Independents, and Democrats — can agree. Click here to read the full letter.

We, residents of Rye and New Castle, once again stand with Mindi Messmer. Please click here to read more.

Executive Council races could mean woman majority.


“In District 3, two women will vie for the seat. That is Democrat Mindi Messmer who will face Republican Janet Stevens.

Messmer is known for her work researching chemical spills and contamination of water in southern New Hampshire and working to ensure the state responds and holds businesses accountable.
She beat Patty Lovejoy in the primary.” Click here to read the article.

Executive Council candidates Messmer and Stevens share their views.

What will be your top priorities if elected?

1. Support and advocate for small businesses, families and educators as New Hampshire emerges from the economic and public health impacts caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

2. Protect public health and access to high-quality medical care including access to reproductive health care.

3. Ensure New Hampshire is resilient to the challenges of the future, which include sea level rise and climate change to protect our children’s futures.

My opponent answered the question on Planned Parenthood contracts with: “I will, however, not support taxpayer-funded abortions.”

Sparks flew last Friday during the one and only debate match up with my opponent. I am so grateful to Chris Muns, of the Hampton Democrats, for organizing this important event that provided rich content for contrast.

Please click here and here to view our voter information clips.

It is televised on Channel 22 and here’s a link to full debate recording.

If you have your ballot, please make a plan to get it counted. If you are going to the polls, figure out how and when you and your family and friends will safely get there.

Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers who have been sending out postcards, writing letters, texting, holding signs, and calling voters about the importance of this seat and for candidates up and down the ballot.



Data-Driven Public Health Leader, Advocate, and Strategist

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