There are critical issues that people of all political persuasions — Republicans, Independents, and Democrats — can agree.

We need safe drinking water. We need a clean environment. We need to work together to stop climate change and build resiliency against rising sea levels.

To ensure we — and future generations — can live in the healthiest and safest environment possible, let’s ensure that our state government’s decisions and policies are informed by science, facts, and evidence.

Let’s put a public health scientist, Mindi Messmer, on the Executive Council. By voting for Messmer, it is one step we can take to ensure that — as the state carries out public policy through its contracting power and its 10-year infrastructure plan — attention is paid to potential health, safety, and environmental impacts.

With Messmer on the Executive Council, we can be confident that public health and environmental justice will be factored into Executive Branch policymaking. For these reasons, we, the undersigned, support Mindi Messmer for Executive Council in District 3. Please join us by casting your ballot for Mindi Messmer by November 3rd.


Gary Hirshberg, D- Holderness

Rick Russman, R-Kingston

Rob Werner, D-Concord

Rep. Renny Cushing, D- Hampton

Dan Weeks, D-Nashua

Chuck Wilson, I-Hampstead

Tammy Wilson, I-Hampstead

Patti Therrien, I- Sandown

Stan Wentzell, R-Kingston

Lee Hodson, I-Rye

Jameson French, I-Portsmouth

Betty Tamposi, R-New Castle

Maggie Goodlander, D-Portsmouth

Janet Breslin Smith, D-Salem

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